Manifestation Frequency Medicine
My goal of this series is to prevent disease as early as possible through education & to provide clear action steps to master your body, mind, and spirit.
In about 3 months, My Blood Pressure started to come down significantly, and after 3 years it's back down to being normal without any medication.
I think both of us we're feeling a little bit tired but in a positive way knowing how much better we're feeling is great.
What she did was remarkable. I feel quite younger, My faces were very smooth and my wrinkles diminished. A lot of under eye problems went away. Over all I see significant difference.
There are 5 Secrets of Healing..
What will you do in order to Heal ?
Dr. Abdool is a breath of fresh air. She is sincere, caring, and she always wants to know what is going on with the patient before moving forward with anything. You have to love her - she is the most caring person I've ever met.
Dr. Abdool's level of expertise has exceeded all of my expectations. Her intravenous treatments and total health approach through mind, body and spirit have changed my life. She is a very gifted healer well versed in many modalities of Eastern and Western traditions.
I am very pleased with Dr. Abdool's knowledge base and individualized treatments specific to each patient's needs. She is a very caring and compassionate physician, easy to talk to and gives you a comprehensive approach to improving your overall health and well -being.
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